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Manifest Your Dreams Retreat: July 25th – 30th, 2024

Immerse yourself in the tranquil oasis of Maui Eco Retreat for a life-changing 5-day journey this July. Embark on an exploration themed “What you resonate, you attract” — a profound dive into the essence of your being, encompassing body, mind, emotions, and spirit. In the quest for healing, we guide you towards wholeness, reminding you of your inherent divinity and your capacity to co-create with the universe.

Kutira and Raphael bring their rich heritage of teachings from across the globe — Asia, Europe, and America — to you. Witness the miraculous as dreams take shape through a symphony of spirituality, the healing arts of music, meditation, sustainable living, and the ancient wisdom of Chinese Taoist rejuvenation, yoga and Qi Gong. Experience the transformative power of shamanic rituals, the sacredness of tantra, and the devotional path of sexual love towards the Divine. Embrace what you love, for therein lies your power.

Our retreat transcends the ordinary, offering a shamanic odyssey to celebrate the very essence of life. Secluded in the paradise of Maui, we invite you to join us in honoring existence. 

As you step onto the grounds of Maui Eco Retreat, a sense of tranquility envelops you, inviting you to leave behind the distractions of everyday life and immerse yourself fully in the present moment. View the accommodations at

Each day of the retreat is carefully curated to inspire and uplift, with a blend of guided meditations, mindfulness practices, and creative workshops designed to awaken your inner vision and ignite your passions. 

Nourishing meals crafted from locally sourced, organic ingredients fuel both body and soul, while  gatherings foster a sense of belonging and support among fellow dreamers. Guided nature walks lead you to hidden waterfalls and sacred sites, where the energy of the land infuses you with inspiration and clarity.

As the retreat draws to a close, you emerge with a newfound sense of purpose and direction, equipped with practical tools and techniques to continue manifesting your dreams long after you’ve returned home. Whether your aspirations are big or small, the “Manifest Your Dreams” retreat at Maui Eco Retreat empowers you to embrace your full potential and create the life you’ve always imagine.

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This retreat is open for Maui Residents,  request Tuition without accommodation.

Prepare for Tahiti on Maui: September 27th – October 5th, 2024

Staying at Maui Eco Retreat offers an unparalleled experience of immersion in nature’s embrace, setting the perfect tone for an adventure awaiting in Tahiti. Tucked away in the lush Huelo region of Maui, this retreat embodies tranquility and sustainability, providing an escape from the bustling world.
Upon arrival, guests are greeted by the soothing melodies of the jungle, with verdant foliage enveloping the surroundings and the gentle rustle of palm fronds overhead. The accommodations, be it eco-friendly cottages or luxurious yurts, seamlessly blend with the natural landscape, offering a harmonious retreat. Each abode is thoughtfully designed to minimize environmental impact while ensuring comfort and serenity.
Days at Maui Eco Retreat are filled with opportunities for rejuvenation and exploration. Guests can indulge in yoga sessions amidst towering trees, meditative walks along winding trails that lead to secluded waterfalls, or simply unwind on pristine beaches nearby. The retreat’s commitment to sustainability extends to its organic gardens, where fresh produce is harvested for wholesome meals that nourish both body and soul.
As the sun sets over the Pacific horizon, the tranquil ambiance of Maui Eco Retreat fosters deep relaxation and reflection. Whether lounging in a hammock under the star-studded sky or gathering around a bonfire to share stories with fellow travelers, evenings here are a symphony of peace and connection.
Following a restorative stay at Maui Eco Retreat, embarking on a tour of Tahiti promises to be a continuation of this journey into paradise. From the turquoise lagoons to the vibrant coral reefs, Tahiti’s natural beauty beckons adventurers to explore its enchanting landscapes and rich Polynesian culture. But the serenity and eco-conscious ethos experienced at Maui Eco Retreat will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark, serving as a grounding foundation for the adventures that lie ahead in Tahiti’s embrace.

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or 808-572-6006 (office) you also can book your accommodation directly online