The magic island of Moorea, Tahiti’s little sister, has become a hot spot for tourism in Polynesia. With its diversified hotel infrastructure, Moorea possesses all the assets to display its charm and originality: breathtaking and accessible beaches, mysterious mountains, scores of nautical activities, and unforgettable excursions.

October 5th to the 12th 

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Polynesia was populated as the result of successive waves of migration, coming from Southeast Asia and starting over 30,000 years ago. The Marquesas were the first islands to be settled by these fearless sailors on their sea canoes. Around 1300, these people settled there permanently. For 300 years they remain cut off from the rest of the world until the arrival of the first Europeans: Wallis who reached the shores of Tahiti in 1767, but Cook, Bligh, and Bougainville were right behind him. Papeete experienced its first growth during the London Missionary Society’s early attempts to evangelize the population. In 1817, Reverend Crook settled in the heart of what became today’s city. Following serious skirmishes with the British, France succeeded in imposing her protectorate in 1842. Wishing to anchor her power within the Pacific, France negotiated with King Pomare V the annexation of his kingdom to the French State in 1880.