Tahiti & Moorea

October 5th to the 12th 

Since I arrived in Maui in 1985, I’ve been captivated by the majestic whales, an encounter that forever changed my life. Here, I crossed paths with the legendary Dr. John C. Lilly, and together, we plunged into the depths, swimming alongside whales and dolphins in a series of unforgettable expeditions.

Over time, as Hawaiian regulations evolved, I found new sanctuaries in the crystalline waters of Tahiti, where my communion with the cetacean nation deepened. No words can fully capture the profound connection felt when gazing into the eye of a whale or floating in their sonic vibration of their songs. Enter the Dreamtime of an Ancient calling.  I would like you to witness this for yourself. 

The magic island of Moorea, Tahiti’s little sister, has become a hot tourist spot in Polynesia. With its diversified hotel infrastructure, Moorea possesses all the assets to display its charm and originality: breathtaking and accessible beaches, mysterious mountains, scores of nautical activities, and unforgettable excursions. I had the pleasure to connect with some Tahitian ladies who shared their generous gifts of their culture. In Hawaii we call it sharing the “Aloha Spirit”. Similar in Tahiti. I was touched by their openness and gifting me with their stories and lei making. You will meet them now too and new friendships will form. 

Join me for an intimate, soul-stirring journey into the deep blue. Reserve your space now, as space is limited!

Here some more information where you are going:

Moorea, a stunning island in French Polynesia near Tahiti, is not only celebrated for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant marine life but also holds a rich tapestry of spiritual beliefs and cultural significance. The island’s spiritual connection to its environment, especially the ocean and its inhabitants like whales and dolphins, forms a crucial part of its identity. Here are some interesting spiritual facts about Moorea, including the sacred connection to these majestic marine animals:

  1. Mana – The Life Force: In Moorea, as in much of Polynesian culture, there is a deep spiritual concept called “Mana.” Mana is a life force that connects all living things, encompassing humans, animals, and nature. It is believed that whales and dolphins, as well as other creatures of the sea, possess strong Mana, making them sacred and highly respected. Their presence in the waters around Moorea is seen as a blessing and a manifestation of the gods’ goodwill.

  2. Taurua Varua – A Spiritual Gathering: Moorea hosts an annual event known as “Taurua Varua,” which is deeply spiritual and celebrates the connection between the islanders and the sea. It is a time when the community comes together to honor the spirits of the ocean, including whales and dolphins, through dance, music, and traditional rituals. This gathering underscores the respect and reverence the Polynesians have for the ocean’s creatures, recognizing them as kin and guardians of the sea.

  3. Whales and Dolphins as Aumakua: In Polynesian belief, certain animals are considered “Aumakua,” or family gods/spiritual guardians. Whales and dolphins often hold this sacred status. They are thought to be ancestors reincarnated, guiding and protecting their descendants. Encounters with these animals in the waters around Moorea are not just thrilling wildlife experiences but are also deeply spiritual moments, reminding locals of their connection to their ancestors and the divine.

  4. Spiritual Healing and Guidance: Whales and dolphins are believed to offer healing and guidance. Their presence, songs, and behaviors are interpreted by locals and spiritual practitioners as messages from the spiritual realm, offering wisdom, healing energies, and guidance. Swimming with these creatures in the waters of Moorea is considered a transformative experience, capable of rejuvenating the spirit and bringing one closer to understanding the mysteries of life and the universe.

  5. Conservation as a Spiritual Practice: For the people of Moorea, conservation of the marine environment and its inhabitants is not just an ecological responsibility but also a spiritual one. Protecting whales, dolphins, and other marine life is seen as preserving the sacredness of Mana, ensuring that the balance and harmony between humans and nature, a cornerstone of Polynesian spirituality, remain intact.

These spiritual beliefs and practices highlight the deep connection between the people of Moorea and their environment, particularly the ocean and its majestic inhabitants. This connection is not only ecological but profoundly spiritual, reflecting a worldview that sees humans as an integral part of a much larger, interconnected cosmic family.



Day 1 | Saturday, October 5 

Arrive in Papeete, take a taxi to your hotel, relax, and rest well. 
We will send you information about where to book your hotel with the confirmation.

Day 2 | Sunday, October

Transfer with ferry to Moorea and grocery shopping before checking in to the hotel. In the afternoon, we will have a gathering in an open circle and get orientied and prepare for the next day first adventure.

Day 3 | Monday, October 7 

Swimming with whales 8am to noon or longer. When we return take your time to freshen up, have some lunch and maybe even a nap. Maybe you write in your journal, paint or get a massage.

Later in the day we will gather in circle (Sunset) at the dock and share about our experience, and cater to our needs. 

Evening open 

Day 4 | Sunday, October 8  

Swimming with whales 

Day 5 | Monday, October 9 

An island exploration and Thatian experience in the evening with a dinner on the beach.  

Day 6 | Tuesday, October 10 

Swimming with whales

Day 7 | Wednesday, October 11 

Swimming with whales

Day 8 | Thursday, October 12 

Return back to Papeete. We will be leaving in the morning with the ferry back to Papeete. Depending when your flight leaves we can check into the Hilton Hotel for a day with room rates and enjoy their facilities, pool and spa. The return flight to Honolulu is late in the evening.