About Kutira:

My Work, My Passion, My Love, My Karma

All of the above ingredients create the base of my magical life. My love is made visible in what I stand for and what I am creating.

I am an author, musician, spiritual environmental activist, social entrepreneur, a teacher and creator of Embodied Spirituality and founder of the Kahua Hawaiian Institute. I have been a mentor to many students and teachers around the world. I dedicate a big part of my life empowering women and organizations which support ecological awareness and health education. My groundbreaking work in sustainable living is globally acknowledged and I am honored to share my knowledge with the Bhutanese Government, the Royal Family and other wonderful Bhutanese friends.

When I met Her Majesty the Queen Mother Ashi Dorji Wangchuck for the first time I said: “I am Swiss, I live in Hawaii and in my heart I am Bhutanese”. Since then I have been invited back many times. I enjoyed the coronation of the 5th King, weddings, rituals, sacred dances and teachings.

Occasionally I am leading small groups or individual friends to Bhutan. I introduce them to the projects I am involved with and of course show them the beauty of the country and its people. It is my honor to create a Sacred Journey to the Hidden Treasures of Bhutan for you.


It is my pleasure to introduce you to my great staff in Bhutan. Sonam One has been my guide for over a decade and Sonam Two joined my team last year. Meena is the office angel and we work together behind the scenes when all the logistics have to be arranged. Of course there are more people involved such as our amazing driver Phuntso and other friends you will meet when we are touring in this magical land. As you can imagine the most work is done before we even arrive. Booking all the hotels, car, getting permits etc.

Each tour has been different and it is my pleasure always to find new places I have not yet explored. Even though if I have counted all the time I have spent in Bhutan and I come over 3 years I find new places each time. I have seen many changes in this country from a fully ruled country by the 4th King as the supreme ruler to a democracy now headed by the 5th King. Similar to the British Kingdom. Last but not least seeing all the changes politically and environmentally has been a tremendous journey of deeper understanding how important it is to govern from a place of “Happiness” and spiritual well-being rather than greed and money. However not all of the changes are to the best, but as the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said “the only thing constant is change”.