About Kutira:


All of the above ingredients create the base of my magical life. My love is made visible in what I stand for and what I am passionately create. Service to humanity is my destiny guided by the Divine.

I am an author, musician, spiritual, environmental activist, social entrepreneur, teacher, creator of Embodied Spirituality, and founder of the Kahua Hawaiian Institute. I have been a mentor to many students and teachers around the world. I dedicate much of my life to empowering women and organizations supporting ecological awareness and health education. My groundbreaking work in sustainable living is globally acknowledged, and I am honored to share my knowledge with the Bhutanese Government, the Royal Family, and other wonderful Bhutanese friends. When I met Her Majesty Gyalyum Ashi Dorji Wangchuck for the first time, I said: “I am Swiss, I live in Hawaii, and in my heart, I am Bhutanese.” Since then, I have been invited back many times. I enjoyed the coronation of the 5th King, weddings, rituals, sacred dances, and teachings. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to lead groups, individuals, and friends to Bhutan. I introduce them to the projects I am involved with and show them the beauty of the country and its people. I am honored to create a Sacred Journey to the Hidden Treasures of Bhutan for you.


I have had the pleasure working with some truly wonderful staff during my times in Bhutan. I fondly remember Sonam “One,” my guide for over a decade who, sadly, passed away a few years back. Sonam “Two” stepped in to fill those big shoes for a few years before he and his wife relocated to Australia, a choice that has become quite common among the younger Bhutanese generation. I cherish the memories and the laughter shared with them, and they always bring a big smile to my face when I reminisce about our times together. Soon, I will have the pleasure of meeting my new guide, whom I am excited to get to know.

Behind the scenes, Dikay, my office angel in Bhutan and Andrea my assistant on Maui, work tirelessly with me to arrange all the logistics that make these tours possible. Of course, there’s more to the team, including our amazing driver Phuntso and other friends whom you will have the pleasure of meeting when touring this magical land. As you might imagine, most of the work is done before we even set foot in Bhutan—booking hotels, arranging cars, and obtaining permits. Every tour is unique, and it is always my joy to uncover new treasures in places I have yet to explore. Despite having spent over three years in Bhutan, I discover something new with each visit.

I have witnessed many changes in this country, transitioning from the rule of the 4th King as the supreme ruler to a democracy under the 5th King, resembling the British Kingdom. Bhutan, one of the world’s most isolated and culturally rich countries, continues to balance “modernizing” with preserving its fairytale-like traditions. I’ve observed the growing cultural gap between the rural Bhutanese and the new “Playstation generation” of local youth, which has been expanding rapidly.

Witnessing all the political and environmental shifts has been an incredible journey toward understanding the importance of governing from a place of “Happiness” and spiritual well-being. In these times of rapid global change, I hope we find the wisdom to uphold peace and to embrace each other with kindness and love.


Kutira’s remarkable journey from Switzerland to becoming a distinguished spiritual leader and environmental activist in Maui is a testament to her unwavering dedication and visionary spirit. Since settling in Maui in 1985 and founding the Kahua Hawaiian Institute, Kutira has embraced various roles—Embodied Spirituality teacher, psychotherapist, author, musician, and mentor—with a focus on design, creating sacred temples and connecting people globally to foster kindness and harmony.

Her work extends to significant contributions in environmental sustainability, notably advocating for bamboo as an alternative building material, earning her the Bamboo Pioneer Award. Her deep connection to Bhutan further highlights Kutira’s commitment to ecological and sustainable education. Serving on the advisory board of the Bhutan Nuns Foundation, she supports spiritual and ecological education under the patronage of Her Majesty Gyalyum Tshering Yangdoen Wangchuck, Queen Mother of Bhutan. This connection underscores her role in fostering international partnerships aimed at creating a sustainable future and supporting the Bhutan Nuns wellbeing and education and teaching center.

Kutira’s influence is also evident in her dedication to food security in Hawaii, where she champions self-sufficiency and sustainable agriculture through innovative projects like the Agroforestry garden. As a master of rituals and a licensed ceremony officiant in Hawaii, she provides engaging, heartfelt experiences for weddings and other ceremonies, drawing from her extensive spiritual training.

Together with her husband Raphael, Kutira’s passion for the Maui Eco Retreat embodies their shared vision for community, sustainability, and global outreach, including Sacred Journeys to places like Bhutan, Nepal, Bali, Tahiti, Maui, reflecting her profound commitment to making a positive impact worldwide.  More in-depth about her work visit: