March 14th to March 27th  2019

PLEASE NOTE: Flights are extremely limited and ABSOLUTELY must be booked ASAP to ensure your arrival to Bhutan.

This beautiful and charming Kingdom does not allow any other airlines to enter their paradise and this is also the high season for tourist and the best time of the year to visit, so booking flights 6 months in advance is extremely important. There are only a limited amount tickets available so it is imperative to secure your seat to fly on The Wings of the Dragon (Druk Air = Druk means Dragon in Bhutanese).

Druk Air’s cancellation policy is very good, so you can cancel if you decide that you cannot join us. However, if you wait to book your ticket, you run the risk of no more seats being available! Book your tickets online on Druk Air directly.


• March 20, 2019 
Khatmandu to Paro

• March 27, 2019 
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Please email when you have booked your tickets to confirm your spot on this journey!