Kutira Decosterd is a heart-centered spiritual leader, author, musician, artist, and an award recipient for her pioneering work in environmental sustainability. Born and raised in Switzerland, she lives with her husband Raphael, an internationally recognized musician, in Hawaii/USA. They are co-creators of the Maui Eco Retreat, a sustainable organic paradise in Hawaii and founders and directors of the Kahua Hawaiian Institute. Established in 1985, Kahua institute offers transformational work and teachings with students from around the world.

Her longtime friendship with Her Majesty Gyalyum Tshering Yangdoen Wangschuck, the Queen Mother of Bhutan, has inspired her in supporting the Nuns of Bhutan, since its inception. In 2007, Kutira and Raphael produced the CD “The Sacred Feminine Voices of Bhutan”. This beautiful prayer album brings a steady flow of donations and awareness to the plight of the Nuns to the visitors and listeners worldwide. Her Sacred Journeys to Bhutan empower and celebrate the divine feminine spirit. 

Kutira leads small groups or individual friends to Bhutan at special times. She has explored the Kingdom for an accumulative span over 4 years and traveled the country in depth. She enjoys introducing the projects she is involved with, and showing the beauty of the country and its people.


There are many amazing people involved in creating such an epic journey. Local guides, drivers, cooks, and even people behind the scenes play an integral part. Each of them will touch your heart, and you will learn so much about a new culture just by brushing shoulders with them.

Each tour has been different, and Kutira enjoys finding new places that are waiting to be explored. She has seen many changes in this country, from a fully reigned country by the 4th King as the supreme ruler, to a democracy now headed by the 5th King, similar to the British Kingdom. Last but not least, seeing all the changes politically and environmentally has been a tremendous journey of understanding deeply how important it is to govern from a place of “Happiness” and spiritual well-being rather than greed and money. However, not all of the changes over the years have been for the best. The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said “the only thing constant is change”. How change is handled determines the future.



Since the Covid-19 outbreak, 2023 will be Kutria’s first year back. She is excited to experience the changes that have since she was there last.