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DRUK YUL ~ The Land of the Fire Dragon

Let me introduce you to a country that captured my heart a long time ago ~ lifetimes ago. Bhutan is nestled in the Himalayas between the two giants, China and India. It is also often described as the jewel of the Himalayas. It is roughly the size of Switzerland, with altitudes starting at 150m and rising to its tallest mountain at over 7000m. It is home to the snow leopard and the musk deer, as well as many other species. Even tigers have been seen at 4000 meters.

While most countries assess their wealth by measuring the Gross National Product (the total value of all financial goods and services), Bhutan instead counts its wealth by measuring Gross National Happiness. GNH means the creation of an enlightened society in which the happiness and well-being of all people and sentient beings is the ultimate purpose of governance, including a sustainable environment. Bhutan’s social and cultural fabrics are woven closely with the spiritual traditions. The majority of the population are either Buddhist or Hindu. Animist tradition has subtly influenced these two faiths. Spiritual activities are a day-to-day living culture in this kingdom. This expression propagates the kingdom in the form of monuments and prayer flags.

The small country of Bhutan is undergoing a rapid transformation. Since 2008, the world’s youngest democracy continues to be guided by the vision of Gross National Happiness. Founded by the wise lineage of kings and spiritually compassionate leaders, honoring all living forms.

Journey with Kutira, who for over a decade has been traveling to Bhutan. In fact, if you add together all the time she has spent there, it would equal over 4 years of her life (not including past lives). Meet like-minded friends, explore the magical and mystical land of the Thunder Dragon, and experience a place that measure its success in Gross National Happiness. This is truly the last jewel of the Himalayas, and if spirit is calling you, then you will be immersed in the beauty of Bhutan.

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